Timberline Series

A quality, durable alternative to a temporary structure!


rough sawn (rustic, beefy) or smooth (crisp, clean)


Beauty is in both sight and scent with its rich tonal properties and natural luster. Red cedar is renowned to architects and home owners around the world.


Natural resistance to decay, moisture and insect damage has made red cedar a premier material for both interior and exterior applications. Properly finished western red cedar can last for decades in even the harshest of environments.


Fine, straight gains and uniform texture helps lumber to lie flat, stay straight and hold fasteners tightly.

Enviornmentally Friendly

Wood is the world's only renewable building material and western red cedar is sourced from one of the most sustainability managed forests in the world. With the majority coming from the Pacific Northwest of the USA.

Sizes Outside post measurement Roof line measurement
10×10  114″x114″ 138″x138″
10×12 114″x138″ 138″x163″
10×14 112″x162″ 138″x186″
10×16 114″x186″ 138″x210″
12×12 138″x138″ 162″x162″
12×14 138″x162″ 162″x186″
12×16 138″x186″ 162″x210″
12×20 138″x234″ 162″x258″
12×24 138″x282″ 162″x306″
14×14 162″x162″ 186″x186″
14×16 162″x186″ 186″x210″
14×20 162″x234″ 186″x258″
14×24 162″x282″ 186″x306″
16×16 186″x186″ 210″x210″
16×20 186″x234″ 210″x258″
16×24  186″x282″ 210″x306″

Cedar Deluxe

Cedar Premier

HD Curved


Standard Ceiling

Exposed cedar framing with 1×6 cedar sheathing. Cedar framing is used for cedar pavilions. An optional wood sealer may be applied to reduce the graying effects of natural weathering.

Cedar T&G Ceiling

Cedar tongue and groove boards are fastened to the underside of the roof framing for a finished appearance. An optional wood sealer may be applied.

Pine T&G Ceiling


Envision Expression composite decking:
authentic, deep grain using compression technology
stain, splinter, slip resistant
25 year warranty
Azek PVC decking:
stain, scratch, split, and mold resistant
durable and long lasting
limited lifetime warranty

Installed on deck or concrete pad:

  • hidden galvanized post brackets and anchors are used for securing posts to solid-weight bearing surfaces.

Installed with posts in ground:

  • hole are dug to below frost level, then pre-made concrete footer pads are placed at the bottom of each hole. The posts are then placed on top of the footer pads and the first is tamped back into place. Yjis option is recommended for dirt areas, loose paver patios or any other areas that do not have a solid-weight bearing surface.


Rough wiring:
standard package includes channeling of one post to accommodate wiring for a switch to crossbrace for a fan/light.
additional channeling or wiring for receptacles or lighting is available for an additional cost.
wiring will be stubbed out and accessible for an electrician to make final connections/hookups


Winter Wheat Olive Tweed

Dark Brown Coal Tweed

Ash Tweed Almond Brown

Awntex 160 Outdoor shade fabric
    -woven polyester mesh is flame retardant and resists UV rays, mildew, and rot
    -approx shade factor of 85%

Available in 4′ 5′ 6′ 7′ 8′ 9′ and 10′ widths
and are adjustable to pull down 84″.
Can be mounted on any side of pavilion
for extra shade or privacy.

-comes with manual pull chain
-adjustable to pull down a maximum of 7ft
-can be attached on inside or outside of header beams
-due to fabric availability olive tweed, ash tweed, coal tweed will have a seam sewn in at 5ft height
-winter wheat, almond tweed, dark brown tweed will be seamless

8×8 Posts

Extended 9ft Post

Closed Gable Ends

Extended Gable Overhang