A Family Owned Company...

Our company has been operating as a sole proprietor family owned business since our beginnings in
2004. After working for several years in the trade, Dean Troyer (owner) was presented with an
opportunity to purchase the company, and thus began Pine Acres. Although there have been several
changes in products and materials over the years, the commitment to satisfied customers has not.
Our family enjoys various outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, travelling, and enjoying God’s
handiwork. We believe the Lord has blessed us bountifully over the years, and we strive to pass those
blessings on to our customers.

Pine Acres Woodcraft creates beautiful and durable outdoor structures that will fit into any backyard space. Our structures have been used in commercial and residential locations and are durable and lasting.

Our company has focused on surpassing customer expectations with quality materials and craftsmanship, adding value to properties. We handle manufacturing, delivery, and installation in-house, ensuring a consistent approach and avoiding conflicts with third-party contractors. Each product is custom-built to precise specifications, whether it’s a pavilion, timberline, gazebo, pergola, or awning, reflecting our commitment to exceeding your expectations.


 U-shaped metal brackets are fastened to the concrete or deck with anchor screws, then the posts are placed inside the brackets and secured through the sides of the brackets with screws. For areas without a solid surface to mount them onto
(a loose paver patio, dirt or grass area, etc.) it is recommended to have holes dug below frost level and have the posts installed
into the ground. Or concrete pilings can be poured to grade level and the posts can be mounted on top of the pilings with the
above mentioned U-brackets. The brackets are hidden either by a vinyl post sleeve or a wood trim collar.

Most people are concerned about the wind because many people have bought cheap aluminum and canopy covers for a
couple hundred dollars and have ended up replacing them multiple times due to winds tearing them up every year. We are very
confident that our pavilions will withstand most wind storms when anchored down properly.

Absolutely! Even though we have a price list with standard sizes listed, each one is considered custom and can be
sized to fit.

We have the capability to obtain most any brand of shingle and often times there is no additional charge for it. We do not stock shingles, but order them as needed. Most companies charge a couple hundred dollars to match a shingle color.

The pavilion is prepared in a kit form at our manufacturing shop, then is loaded onto an enclosed trailer and delivered
to your house via a four wheel drive pickup truck. Pieces can be hand carried to the site, therefore accessibility is usually not a

Most pavilions are installed in less than a day (sometimes half a day). Usually no more than 2 days.

Gutters can be mounted onto the pavilion to divert the water, or depending on the application, the pavilion roof can be raised so the water can drain into an existing gutter on the house.

Although cedar and pressure-treated pine are very durable for exterior use, it is recommended to apply a coat of exterior sealer approx. every 2 years to enhance the appearance and help provide protection from the elements. Most any home improvement center carry products that are suitable to use, and by explaining to them what kind of wood you have, they should be able to help you make a decision. If left unstained, cedar and pressure-treated pine will weather to a silverish gray color.